Are You A Deep Feeler?

Amanda Kuda
10 min readMay 16, 2023

Find out and learn how it affects your relationship with alcohol

Could you be a deep feeler? As the label suggests, deep feelers are individuals who experience emotions on a deep, intense level. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Yeah, that’s me,” stay with me because I want to introduce you to a few unique types of deep feelers and share how being a deep feeler might have an effect on your relationship with alcohol (past or present).

As a coach who works with women who want to explore elective sobriety, I work with a lot of women who I would describe as “deep feelers”. I find deep feelers misuse alcohol as a way to blur the edges of their intense emotions, and it’s no wonder why.

Most deep feelers don’t come to identify as such until adulthood. Why? Well, most parents (as well-intended as they are) don’t know how to identify deep feelers nor are they equipped to properly nurture deep feeler children and teach them the unique coping mechanisms they need to manage and utilize their energetic sensitivity.

When sent into the proverbial wild as adolescents, many deep feelers discover the magical elixir that is alcohol. Without realizing why they become attracted to alcohol as an anesthetic that dulls the magnitude of their sensitivities allowing them to get along in social and life situations that may have felt particularly overwhelming or intimidating before.

While many people discover and start consuming alcohol during adolescence, the distinction is that deep feelers consume alcohol not only so they feel like they fit in with others, but more specifically so they don’t feel like they stand out.

Ultimately, a deep feeler’s energetic sensitivity is their superpower, they just need to be taught to recognize, embrace, and manage their gift. Keep reading, I’ll teach you about the different types of deep feelers. If you fit the bill, I’ll also share some tangible steps you can take to manage your gift and better understand how it affects your relationship with alcohol.

While reading, keep in mind that identifying with the terms below is not a medical diagnosis. It is also likely you identify with one or more of the deep feeler categories below. The intention of this article is to help you…



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