How To Beat The Sunday Scaries

Amanda Kuda
7 min readJul 19, 2020

A Two-Part Antidote

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For years, I’d get the Sunday Scaries. That feeling of anxiety that would set in when I started to think about going back to reality after the weekend. I’d have a sense of sadness and dread. It would be difficult to wind down and fall asleep on Sunday night. The anxiety would spill over into Monday morning as I’d trudge back into the office…have you been there?

Typically, I’d be fading out of a hangover that started at happy hour on Friday night. I’d meet up with my other young, successful contemporaries and we’d lament about the workweek with a few cocktails, eventually staying up until the late hours of the evening.

Often, we’d each rise the next morning feeling less-than-stellar and start a plan to meet up for brunch (read: mimosas and bloody Mary’s) to quell our hangovers, perhaps repeating the entire saga for Saturday night.

I never questioned this process…it’s just what single people in their 20s and 30s did. We were all successful, properly functioning people who’d unwind and celebrate the week by tying it on hard during the weekend…again, I ask: Have you been there?

If so, let me share my two-part antidote for beating the Sunday Scaries with you. But first, let me warn you that my approach goes against the grain just a bit. But, if you’re curious and brave and have even the tiniest bit of a feeling you are meant for something extraordinary in this life, I invite you to keep reading with an open mind.

The Antidote, Part 1: Remove the Barrier

I was about mid-way through my 30th year of life when I started to wonder: “Isn’t there more than this?” I was becoming exhausted by the endless happy hours, boozy brunches, and Sunday Fundays. I wanted to have time and energy to pursue my dreams and work on myself. Between the weekends filled with imbibing and nursing hangovers, I felt like I had zero time left to unwind before I had to go right back into the 9–5 grind. It was a never-ending loop and I wanted off.

After many failed attempts to half-sustain my social life and simply moderate my drinking (sounds easy enough, right?), I made the decision that I needed to take a break from alcohol…which eventually led to a full-on break-up (I…

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