The Truth About How Boring Life Is Without Alcohol

Amanda Kuda
6 min readJul 10, 2020
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I used to believe the lie that life would be boring if I didn’t drink. That I would be boring when I went out to events and gatherings. That I would be bored and suffer through situations if I wasn’t properly lubricated with alcohol.

In a sense, I was right. But, if you’ve ever believed this myth, I want to dispel it for you once and for all. Life is not boring. You are not boring. You are actually quite brilliant and capable and meant to express these qualities frequently. But, if you’ve convinced yourself that life will be boring without alcohol, let me share with you a secret: it’s not you, it’s booze.

Yes, you see, alcohol has you fooled. Alcohol has convinced you to settle for situations, conversations, and people that are…well, boring. And, you’ve found that you can dilute your senses in order to tolerate these boring, dull situations. Harsh. I know.

Perhaps the best representation I’ve ever heard of this theory is by William Porter in his book, Alcohol Explained, “Alcohol doesn’t make things more interesting; it makes your mind stupid so that things that would otherwise have bored it are suddenly enough to occupy it.”

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Wow. Now, I want to expound upon this thought, because — if you’re like me — you probably hold on to just a bit of fear that your life will be dull if you decide to take a break from alcohol…or quit drinking forever.

But, what if boredom was a signal…and we’ve just been taking the wrong action? What if we’ve been stifling our fear of boredom with alcohol rather than embracing boredom for what it is.

Let me assume, that — since you’re reading this right now — you have been stricken with some desire to massively change your relationship with alcohol. It is my experience and belief that we do not receive this internal desire idly. It’s not some crazy thought that pops into our head for no reason whatsoever.

Rather, if you’ve received even a subtle whisper from your inner guide that it’s time to change your relationship with…



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