Amanda Kuda | Alcohol-free lifestyle expert

Hi, I’m Amanda. I’m a former social drinker/party girl. I’m not an alcoholic, but I’ve made a conscious choice to live an alcohol-free lifestyle. Why? …

If you’re jumping on the alcohol-free train for the month of January, here are common pitfalls you’ll want to be aware of.

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I did my first and last Dry January in 2017. I say “last” ironically as it was the catalyst for me to give up alcohol for good…so technically every January is Dry January now.

Since then, I’ve become an advisor and mentor to ambitious, high-achieving women who want to change…

How to attract, release, & shift friendships during a period of reinvention

8 friends linking arms overlooking a view

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You’ve probably heard the adage that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. …

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

You’ve probably heard the adage that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Your friendships play a tremendously important role in how you get along and evolve as an individual.

While your friendships offer support and camaraderie, they can just as easily keep…

and how to make Sober September different

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When it comes to sobriety challenges like Dry January and Sober September, I’m a bit of a pro. I did my first and last Dry January nearly four years ago in 2017. …

How a Breakup with Boys & Booze Helped Me To Truly Love Myself…And Why I Think It Could Help You, Too.

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I walked into the dimly-lit theater and apprehensively took my seat. At 31, this was the first time I’d ever treated myself to a movie solo. My thirty-first year would be full of many firsts. This was my first of many dates with myself.

The catalyst behind this newfound relationship…

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There’s a common misconception that drinking makes dating easier. We’re told that alcohol offers us that little bit of liquid courage we need to loosen up and be ourselves. We learn through media exposure that alcohol makes us sexy, sophisticated, and carefree. …

A Two-Part Antidote

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For years, I’d get the Sunday Scaries. That feeling of anxiety that would set in when I started to think about going back to reality after the weekend. I’d have a sense of sadness and dread. It would be difficult to wind down and fall asleep on Sunday night. …

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Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m not an alcoholic. In fact, back in my drinking days, I was what you would have considered a run-of-the-mill social drinker. I drank just like everyone else in my social circle: a glass of wine with dinner here or there, happy hours, social…

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I had a conversation with an acquaintance a while back that really tried my patience. While my relationship with this individual had been wearing on me for some time, our interactions of late — while less frequent — had really taken a lot out of me. …

Amanda Kuda

Seeker. Writer. Elective Sobriety. A 30-something sharing my journey of personal development, spiritual growth, & authenticity. IG: @authenticallyamanda.

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